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 Happy Cargo Inc. offers the following service.

  1. Door to Door Courier Service
  2. General Cargo
  3. Packing & Producing invoices Service
  4. Handling E-commerce

Items we cannot accept

  We ask for your understanding in advance that we cannot accept the following items due to the stipulation by IATA (International Air Transport Association).  
・Alcohols, Compressed gas, Medicine, Inflammable liquid
・Stock certificate, Volatile substances, Precious metals, Straw mat
・Credit, Oxide, Seed, Plant, Securities, Personal Correspondence, Spray
・Cigarette, Currency, Firearms, Swords, Animals, Toxic substances
・Perishables, Meat
・Explosive substances, Art objects, Flour, Putrefaction, Jewellery, Pornography
・Illegal drugs
・Dairy goods
・Straw, Products listed on Washington Convention

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